Achieve Growth as a Real Estate Agent by Perfecting Your Open Home

Open for inspection day is the biggest and most important day of a real estate agents’ week. Open homes present invaluable opportunities for current and future business, from helping to build your database to allowing you to showcase your skills and service offering as an agent.

Think of open for inspection day as ‘game day’ or ‘showtime’ – as an agent, it is your time to shine! Open homes support all of your hard work and efforts directed towards relationship building, winning listings, guiding vendors through the sales process and marketing the property. You’re just as likely to meet a potential vendor as a potential buyer at your open home, so the prospecting potential cannot be underestimated.

To achieve growth as a real estate agent, it’s important to perfect your open home in each of the following areas:


Preparation is the key for success. When you are prepared and have thoroughly planned your day, you are minimising any potential stress or drama, allowing you to focus on your buyers and sellers. Open day is an opportunity to build your database with the information you collect from attendees, so you want to make the process as seamless as possible. Perfecting the operational process and client experience allows you to make the most of the opportunities presented by open homes, so it’s important for you to create a schedule for your day and stick to it.


It’s not just about how you present yourself to potential clients, but also how your open homes are presented, whether that’s using an open fireplace to create a cosy, welcoming environment in winter or showcasing fresh flowers. It comes down to building a good relationship with your vendor and communicating with them, ensuring they are aware of what is required of them in terms of presentation of their property on open day.

Think about ways you can stand out from the competition with your presentation too. An easy way to do this is to film a video immediately following an open home for social media and to update your vendors.

Call Backs

We recommend you complete your call backs on the same day as the open home. This creates a sense of urgency with potential buyers and also allows you to give timely feedback to your vendors. Waiting until the following Monday is giving potential opportunities the chance to go cold.

Vendor Feedback

Communication is one of the most important tasks for an agent. Clear communication with your vendors is what separates great real estate agents from average ones. Keeping them in the loop about potential buyers and numbers coming through the open home helps them to feel like they are in the best, most capable hands and this can lead to referral business.

An invaluable prospecting tool for future listings, the value of an open home cannot be overlooked. For help reaching your full potential as a real estate agent, enrol with us here at Global Real Estate Training. We offer affordable, high-impact online real estate training courses to help you kick-start or improve your real estate career anywhere in Australia. For more information, contact us today.

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