Course for property management

Get into real estate career and stay there with our range of training programs. With a normal attrition rate of over 80% after 12 months, take steps to make sure you don't end up as another statistic.


Discover what it takes to survive and thrive as a competitive property manager. Learn skills that will make your resume stand out from the crowd and help you build a profitable rent roll from day one.


Get the skills PLUS get registered in your state or territory. Become the must-have candidate for any property manager, property manager assistant or leasing agent job with a proven drive to excel.

If you're serious about starting a property management career, then this online training course for property management is for you. Not only will you learn the skills required to maintain a profitable rent roll, but you'll also demonstrate your willingness to learn to prospective employers, promoting yourself to the top of the applicant list. We recognise that people lead busy lives. So, to make it easier and more convenient for you to gain your property management certification when and where you want, we offer you the opportunity to learn online. Are you ready to make your career a success?

Who is this course for?

  • Individuals wanting to stand out from other job applicants and make themselves more employable
  • Individuals who are driven to do the activities required to get results
  • Individuals wishing to fast track their success with a proven blueprint for success
  • Individuals in a position to invest in their real estate career with 100% commitment

What you'll learn

This program is designed to help those new to property management understand the operational needs of their job. It provides practical and detailed examples of a property manager’s essential functions with an opportunity to explore all topics in depth. You'll gain access to years of experience which has been condensed into 10, self-paced learning modules. You'll learn the core competencies and specialised skills to manage and optimise day-to-day operations, perform long-term planning consistent with ownership goals, and ultimately, maximise the value of income-producing multifamily, office and mixed-use properties.

Become the perfect candidate

Property management is a rewarding but competitive industry. The modern property manager is challenged in a variety of ways. There is a requirement to understand the practical application of relevant regulations, develop and maintain strong communication with landlords, tenants and tradespeople, and effectively manage varied day-to-day tasks. Being able to hit the ground running will make you a strong candidate for any role. And that's what you'll learn with our Property Management Fast Track Program. This program can support career advancement for current and up-and-coming property managers through the study of proven management practices with real-world applications.

Start your real estate property course

With over 26 years of experience in the real estate industry, we've seen it all: highs, lows and everything in between. By passing on our knowledge, skills and simple-to-follow tools in this real estate property course, we can provide a lifeline to industry newcomers and set them up for success from the start. Don't wait to get into your new career; jump into it with both eyes open. Learn the skills to be successful and increase your employability all in one package. Send us an enquiry to learn more about the registration certificate/license and take your final step into becoming a real estate agent with Global Real Estate Training.