Helping Clients Prepare Their Homes For Sale

Home staged to sell
As a professional real estate agent, it’s your job to help clients get the most for their homes. This includes guiding them through the process of preparing their homes for sale. While some homes may be newly renovated, modern or timelessly designed, most homes will need a refresh before they’re ready to be put on the market. We’ve compiled a few tips to assist you with guiding your client to a sales-ready home.

Boost Curb Appeal

The first glance says a lot about a house, and most buyers want to invest in a good-looking home. Even if the interior is spectacular, when the outer layer doesn’t convey that same look, it can directly impact offers. Some essential elements to be sure not to overlook are a nice, freshly-painted fence, a pruned garden, cut lawn, bold home numbers for easy wayfinding and a facade that isn’t weathered. You should also be sure to suggest the replacement of anything that might be rusted such as screen doors, letterboxes and external lighting fixtures.

Make Updates

There are a few easy updates that homeowners can make to improve the look of a home for thousands less than a renovation. Updating fixtures on cabinetry, replacing older faucets and installing new light fittings will instantly refresh a space. If there’s more room in the budget, the next best items to update are blinds, shower screens, vanities and kitchen appliances.

Maintenance Assessment

Any serious prospective buyer will have a home assessed for any big maintenance issues. It’s a good idea to have your homeowners do this check themselves first. Plumbing issues, faulty heating, pest problems, mould or cracked roof tiles can all be huge red flags from buyers’ points of view. By checking ahead of time, this can shorten the buying process and avoid losing potential buyers who don’t want to invest in fixing the home.

Stage To Sell

While your homeowners don’t need to spend the cash on a professional stager if it’s not in the budget, the home should still be appropriately styled for photos and viewings. If the homeowner is selling the house empty, you may want to suggest that they invest in digital staging which inserts virtual furniture into the open space. Prospective buyers will appreciate this as it creates a fuller picture of the room and makes it easier to envisage proportions and living arrangements.

It’s Time To Spruce

One last thing to recommend to your clients is to touch up any areas they’ve been avoiding. Paint chips, scuff marks, carpet stains and loose door handles are all cheap and easy to fix, and will help to bring the home together. While most people declutter when they move to a new house, it’s also a good idea to recommend this to your clients before they begin the process. This will allow you to show a more streamlined home.

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