How To Build The Right Team

Once you have established yourself in the real estate industry, it’s time to aim higher and take your business to the next level. Building the right team is integral to your success as an agent. Hiring the right people to join your team will lead to career satisfaction, profitability and longevity. Building the right team should be a priority and as one of your biggest business investments, there’s a lot to consider. Here we take a look at the steps to take to help you build an elite team:

Ensure You Have Enough Business

So, you think you have the business to justify building a real estate team? As a real estate agent, you have extensive responsibilities, from prospecting for new leads to running marketing campaigns, meeting with clients, conducting open homes, admin and much more. While all these tasks are essential, they take up a lot of your time and eventually there comes a point where you can’t handle it all on your own, without turning away clients. If you’re at the point where you have so many listings and are so strapped for time that you’re sacrificing new leads and business, then it’s likely you have enough volume to expand your team.

Get Your Systems In Order

Before you start building your team, you need to have a game plan. That game plan begins with fine tuning your systems and processes. As you start building your team, you need to offer them a solid working structure, as they will look to you, their leader, for guidance and support. The key real estate systems to set up are:

• Business Plan and Goals
• Branding Guidelines
• Tools and Software
• Client Database Maintenance
• Transaction Management System
• Marketing Plan
• Commission Splits

Finding Great Team Members

Bad hires will not only cost you money, but also mental energy. Skillset and attitude are equally as important when it comes to finding great team members. Team members who don’t have the right attitude can demoralise the entire team.

Hire A Superstar Admin Assistant

It could be a wise idea to hire an admin assistant first who can help you ensure all your systems are in order. Having a superstar admin assistant will help free up time for you and your team of agents, as they can handle paperwork and other processes that take up significant amounts of time.

Invest In Retention Strategies

Once you’ve built your team, it’s important to keep them happy. Traditional perks might not be enough to entice people to stay with you. Today, many employees cite career progression, learning and development as a major driving factor to satisfaction. It’s important to provide your team members with opportunities to access further training and upskilling. Not only will this improve their skill level, but you’ll also find your team members are more engaged and happier, which is how you build great workplace culture.

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