How To Build Your Personal Brand As A Real Estate Agent

Developing a personal brand
Whether you’re just entering the real estate industry or have years of experience, building a personal brand is one of the most important things you can do for yourself as an agent. This allows you to control how your target market perceives you instead of leaving your brand to chance or being observed as middle-of-the-road.

Here are our top tips for building a personal brand that supports your career growth.

Know your audience

This is an important but often overlooked step. If you have an ideal market and client that you want to focus upon, start here. While new agents will often go for mass appeal in order to get their foot in the door, down the road, this could hurt you. Even if you’re starting with a broader category, make sure that you know where you want to end up eventually. Targeting first-time homeowners and millennials will be quite different from developing a niche in exclusive holiday homes.

Establish your web presence

Having your own website is essential. It’s one thing to be found on Google, but if people can’t link to a site to follow up, they may move on to the next agent. This will be your hub. Take a different tactic than other salesy agents and be authentic and genuine in your content. Then make it easy for people to use your site to find previous listings and testimonials.

Take the time to think out how you would like your site to look, as it’s really an extension of yourself. We recommend outsourcing a professional for this step. Choose colours and designs that you’re comfortable keeping for the foreseeable future, and that will be easy to integrate into other aspects of your personal brand. Keeping your brand image consistent across all mediums will ensure that you’re recognisable.

Create a blog

Write blog posts on industry news and tips to share with your market and solidify yourself as an expert in real estate. Remember, home buying and selling can be stressful and overwhelming, so sharing resources with your potential clients can build a relationship of trust. This will create value for your clients, give you consistent content to post on your social media accounts and build authority for your website and your brand.

Be active on social media

In 2021, everyone needs to be on social media. These apps are now considered valuable search platforms. Some markets may even take to finding an agent on social media versus Google. Having a presence on these platforms is essential, as is creating consistent content to feed into the algorithm and ensure that your potential clients actually see your posts. Whether you want to share listing videos, before/after shots, or tell purchase stories, the options are many and varied. As long as you’re available on these platforms and putting effort into your content, it will benefit your brand. You can learn more about social media and real estate here.

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