How to thrive in your new online real estate course

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Enrolling in a new online course is exciting and challenging as you get ready to flex your brain muscles, learn new skills and make invaluable connections with industry professionals.

Online courses have soared in popularity, an unexpected perk accelerated by the pandemic, and it’s no surprise why as they come with a multitude of advantages with the most popular being flexibility. But just like taking on any new challenge, studying an online course requires planning, commitment, and discipline. You wouldn’t run a marathon without a training plan so the same concept applies to studying an online course.

So before you take the next step in your Real Estate career, let’s look at five ways to ensure you thrive in your new online course.

Set yourself a schedule

As the age-old saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. Ok, so that might be a slightly exaggerated way of putting it but you get the sentiment. Set yourself up for success by creating a study schedule. This can be particularly helpful if you are studying a self-paced course as you can find times in your calendar where you can do more (or less) study depending on your other commitments.

Whether you’re an avid planner and want to map out the year ahead or live more on edge and like to plan out a month or week at a time, choose a timeline that works for you and your lifestyle and write it down. A little planning can go a long way, especially during the busy periods when you’re juggling assignments along with a bustling social calendar.

Create a dedicated study space

As tempting as it might be to settle into the couch with Netflix on in the background, or to perch on your bed with a laptop, creating a dedicated study space can be a huge advantage.

With inflated property prices — that you as a budding real estate worker are privy to — having the luxury of a home office isn’t universal. But don’t fear, a dedicated room isn’t necessary, all you need is a space where you can set up your computer with minimal distractions. Whether it’s a desk in the living room, a space on the kitchen table, or in the garage, create an area where you can complete your online coursework without interruptions.

Scope out your home and find a spot that works for you. And if you’ve got a noisy household, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones can be a gamechanger. There’s still time to add those to the Christmas wishlist.

Use your resources

When the initial excitement of starting your new Real Estate course wears off, it’s easy to forget about all the amazing resources you have access to. From the industry experts and mentors at Global Real Estate Training to your own support network of family and friends, use the people around you to squeeze even more value out of your online study experience.

Ask your course instructor and mentor lots of questions, after all that’s what they are there for! Stay on top of industry research and trends, and seek out plenty of opportunities to network. Whether you’re already working in Real Estate and working towards a promotion or hoping to get a foot in the door, networking is a valuable skill at any stage in your career and going the extra mile will only improve your confidence and future job prospects.

Give yourself breaks

Things don’t always go to plan and while you may be trying to stick to the rigorous study schedule you created at the beginning of your online course, you also need to allocate time for breaks.

One approach that has been tried and tested within the workplace is microbreaks. Forbes reported on a study on microbreaks where workers who took five-minute throughout the day were more engaged and experienced less fatigue. This same approach can be applied to your online studies. It can be especially useful if you’re juggling your study with work and family commitments and need some time to reset.

Next time your feel fatigued or need a quick reset, try taking a walk around the block. The fresh air and time away from a computer screen are a great way to break up your day and help refocus.

Celebrate your achievements

Congratulations! You have already taken the first step towards growing your career in Real Estate so you already have something to celebrate.

Celebrating your achievements — big and small — is a simple way to stay engaged and motivated while you’re studying online. It could be something as simple as rewarding yourself with an episode of your favourite TV show after completing a module or treating yourself to a fancy dinner after submitting an assignment. As an added bonus, you’ll enjoy the celebration even more knowing the hard work you put in.

If you’re newly enrolled in an online Real Estate course or a seasoned expert at remote learning, we hope this inspires you to create some new habits and help set yourself up for a rewarding study experience. If not? Sign up today and reap the rewards of studying our 10-part, self-paced learning course in real estate to get the lowdown on the real estate industry and what it takes not only to survive but to thrive. We offer affordable, high-impact online real estate training courses that can help you to kick-start or improve your real estate career anywhere in Australia. For more information, contact us today.

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