The Importance of Good Real Estate Photography & How To Get It

Good real estate photography is crucial

Most people now begin their real estate search online. Before speaking with an agent, potential buyers will cruise the online listings to see what’s available in their market or preferred neighbourhoods. As this will be the first impression that buyers get of your home, it’s crucial that they’re drawn in with supporting visuals and that they can picture life in this home.

Not only is this beneficial for the client’s purposes, but it can also help establish your brand as a qualified agent. You should always be recommending photography (staged or otherwise) to your selling clients.

Here’s what you need to know about good real estate photography and how you can achieve it.

Start with styling

One of the most important steps in good photography takes place before the shoot even starts. If the home seller has decided they would like to stage the home, this is an opportunity to make it look it’s best. If the existing furniture is still in the home, ensure many personal items are put away and that it is cleaned and styled for the occasion. You can learn more about preparing a home for sale here.

Hire a professional

You can’t just hire any photographer to take real estate photos. This is a specialised line of work and is completely different from wedding photography or landscape photography. They will be able to create a focus for each room that enhances the overall vision. These photos are not as heavily edited, and the photographer needs to have a good sense of space to work around existing furniture while avoiding shadows and mirrors. These professionals will also come with full-frame cameras, essential for this type of work.

Focus on lighting

You will realise the importance of professional photography when you’re faced with less-than-perfect weather on shoot day. Experts will know how to work with lighting equipment to enhance a home’s features when the day is dark and cloudy or even when the light is too heavy in particular rooms.

Essential photos

  • Exterior shot – This is one of the hardest to capture but one of the most viewed. If a potential buyer doesn’t like the exterior, they often won’t continue browsing. A photographer will capture the home to look its best.
  • Kitchen – Ensure this one is taken while there’s still natural light available. The kitchen is a centrepiece for any home. A professional can accentuate this space, making the photo feel open and inviting.
  • Living spaces – The living area will communicate to potential buyers if their lifestyle can exist within the home. Make sure angles capture the entire room.
  • Master bedroom – Create a space that potential buyers can imagine themselves in. This space is one of the most viewed photos for any listing.
  • Bathrooms – Large bathrooms, especially master bathrooms, are essential to buyers and should be given the attention they deserve.

Additional photos

These photographs are always welcomed but not essential if you don’t have enough light, are working on a smaller budget or have spaces that don’t photograph well. However, if you have the time and budget, buyers will appreciate photos of all rooms, including toilets and half baths, hallways, spare rooms and the backyard.

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