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Invest in the success of your real estate career with training that teaches you the everyday skills you need. Don't wait six months to get up to speed, hit the ground running and prove your worth from day one.

Want to start a career in real estate?

Did you know that over 80% of new, qualified real estate professionals are no longer practising in real estate after just 12 months? Do you want to be another statistic, or do you want to learn the skills that will set you up for success?

The good news is that just by showing an interest in learning more about your career, you're already ahead of the curve. But we can take it much further! Complete our 10-part, self-paced learning course to get the lowdown on the real estate industry and what it takes to not only survive, but to thrive.

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Online Sales Fast Track Program

Boost your employability with our self-paced, 10 part online training course. Designed to give you the tools and systems to be productive from day one, you'll be showing prospective employers that you're committed to your new career.

Face to Face Sales Rising Star Program

The ultimate starter, our hands-on Sales Program is a 12-month course that gets you job ready and guides you through your first year as a real estate professional. With access to mentors and frequent contact points, you'll have the suppport you need to succeed.

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For Business Owners Find committed candidates

If you're looking for new real estate agents that are committed to their own development or have current agents who need up-skilling, then look no further. Graduates of our courses have the skills to start contributing immediately, as well as a proven drive to become the best.



"The Rising Star training program has supercharged my career. Having a month’s experience prior to starting this training really help me retrospectively think about how we could have improved certain situations. Part of our company going forward it will be mandatory for our cadets to go through this training.

There’s no explanation of how valuable the training is as you would be able to recoup it in your first listing presentation for holding commission. Cindy’s method and training was 10/10.

Position One Property is on the Global Real Estate Training train! Keep it up guys!"

Luke Humphrys

Position One Property

Rob Green

"The best system I have come across

Engaging Global Real Estate Training to assist me with in the growth of my business was an easy decision. Having tried many different avenues in recruiting and training brand new people to the industry, the Global Real Estate Training system is the best I have come across. To have access to a high-quality person, who is investing in themselves to be trained before stepping foot in my business gives me the confidence that they are here to build a successful career and backing themselves to succeed from day one.

Global Real Estate Training and their Rising Star program is the only process I now use to add brand new people to my sales team."

Robert Green

Sales Director, Ray White Aspley Group

Nathan Lansdell

"Having no previous real estate experience before commencing the course Jason really took his time to explain the content I was learning and utilise his vast knowledge and experiences throughout his career in real estate to give me that initial boost of confidence and that "edge" to early success. Beyond the course the team went well and beyond their duties to secure myself work at not 1 but 2 of Brisbane's leading agencies, often doing this well outside general work hours. The mentoring you receive from the guys is the most beneficial thing you can have outside of your own hard work. Highly Recommended!!"

Nathan Lansdell


"Starting in real estate was like floating in a spaceship stuck in out of space. Global Real Estate Training gave me the map, the navigational tools, the key and showed me what direction to go. This is an outstanding training program that I would recommend for all Real Estate Agents to do. Cindy Tate is a knowledgeable trainer and excellent teacher."

Justin Yip

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