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With over 26 years in the real estate industry, we've seen it all: highs, lows and everything in between. But what remains constant are the people. Real estate is a great career for dedicated people, but too many industry new-comers find themselves thrown into the deep end and expected to swim.

That's where the idea behind Global Real Estate Training was born. By passing on our experience, skills and simple to follow tools, we knew we could provide a lifeline to those new-starts and set them up for success from the start. 

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Jason Hyland CEO

Jason's real estate career spans over 16 years across Australia and New Zealand. Jason's sales career kicked off in Brisbane and he was recognised in the top 3% of all agents in his network within 5 years. He quickly found a passion for helping new to industry salespeople, kick start their careers. 
Over the last 11 years Jason has trained and mentored thousands of agents across Australia and New Zealand. He has a knack for being able to turn brand new salespeople into market leaders in their area, with many going on to become successful business owners. Not only this but with his energy, passion and drive he is able to change the mindset of many experienced agents needing direction.
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Cindy Tate Director of Training

Cindy Tate started selling real estate in 1993 and she wasn't blessed with being a natural born sales superstar. For her first 10 years she now sees she was 'playing' in the industry.

Through hard work and re-training Cindy climbed her way to the top 3% of salespeople in a strong network and went on to be an owner of 4 offices. This allowed Cindy to see that real estate is a learnable, teachable skill.

Through years of professional training and growth, Cindy has amassed a portfolio of valuable techniques on how to reach your highest potential and be sales ready quickly.

Cindy’s training style is her point of difference and allows her participants to learn and implement the nuts and bolts which will get them up and selling.

Having walked the walk in the sales and business world she trains from the heart as she has lived in this highly competitive results orientated culture.


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