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In real estate the role of an agent requires interaction with clients both face to face, and on the telephone.  This interaction requires a range of communication skills which facilitates agents in the industry to deal with clients and their needs in the most appropriate way.

The importance of a pro-active customer service mentality in all relationships and communications with clients and customers cannot be underestimated. Good customer service is fundamental to Real Estate best practice and helps to ensure that people will want to do business with both the agent and the agency.

Each agency will have its own protocol and procedures for communicating with clients, but what is common to all businesses in service industries is that a new client will form their first impression by how they are greeted – whether that is on the telephone or in person.

Some people are natural communicators and others have to learn and practice interpersonal skills.  This module will outline skills that can be employed to establish rapport, handle enquiries and manage difficult client behaviour. Whether skilled or not, everyone in the agency who deals with clients on any level, will recognise the importance of good communication skills in promoting themselves and their business operations.

Think about this…

Clients are the foundation of every real estate business.

Real Estate is a service industry and a ‘people’ business so without clients there is NO business.

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Communicating with Clients


Conflict & Complaints


Creating Customer Service Standards


Building Relationships & Databases


Work Health & Safety


Planning Promotional Activities


Preparing Agency Documents & Reports


Record Management in an Agency