Become an Impactful Real Estate Agent in the New Normal

Become an Impactful Real Estate Agent
While Australia has coped with the COVID-19 pandemic fairly well, it is likely to have a long-lasting impact on industries where one-on-one interaction used to be the norm. In the real estate industry where open houses are an essential marketing tool, where offices are full of staff and walk-in enquiries are common, the pandemic has really turned everything on its head. Many real estate agents are wondering how to reach their career goals, manage their sales and adapt to this new normal – a situation no one has trained for. Here are some proven methods leading real estate agents have adopted to keep their performance at peak levels.

Open Homes Go Virtual

While there really is no substitute for seeing a property in person, especially for such a considerable investment, is there really a need for traditional open houses?

Real estate agents have historically experienced some push back about this concept. It can bean inconvenience for sellers who have to clean and stage their home multiple times and leave it for the better part of the day (a struggle especially when you have pets and kids). Now, of course, open houses are battling a new threat of COVID-19.

Virtual tours are a highly-effective alternative, helping real estate agents to work smarter and put their time and resources to the best use, while allowing potential buyers to view a home in much more detail than they would with just professional photos or even a video walk through. These tours can be easily created with 3D tech by professional videographers, allowing potential buyers to view rooms at multiple angles in great detail.

This weeds out uninterested buyers and satisfies curious but non-committed viewers, leaving only the most interested and committed clients for you to show the house to in person by appointment. It’s easier, more convenient and safer for everyone involved, it eliminates time wasters and it has plenty of appeal for buyers!

Working From Home

While we all miss the energy and comradery of the office, the reality is that successful real estate agents are already effective at working in out-of-office environments. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant most people, including real estate agents, are working from home.

By adopting innovative tech solutions like Teams, Zoom and Skype, real estate agents can effectively work from home, keeping in contact with clients, following up on leads, finding buyers and tenants, setting up viewings, working with financing companies and negotiating sales.

This is another example of how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a change that is already happening. Because the pandemic has made working from home and using tech solutions normal for every industry, buyers and sellers as well as agents are open to this change and willing to use it to their advantage.

The best real estate agents are those that were able to adapt quickly and develop creative solutions to these challenges, implementing safety protocols, and demonstrating to clients the considerable advantages that tech and innovative digital solutions offer them.

High-Performance Digital Resources

Of course, this requires agencies to commit to digital solutions and support for their real estate agents – and although the industry has become increasingly digital over the last few years, the new normal has accelerated this considerably. While at the core of every successful real estate business are talented, driven real estate agents, it is essential that agencies adopt technology that supports the agent’s role, helping to build that vital human relationship, develop strong communication skills and ensures that all-important human touch remains in the transaction.

High-Impact Sales Training and Resources to Build Your Success as an Estate Agent

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