5 Focus Areas for New Real Estate Agents

5 Focus Areas for New Real Estate Agents
No matter how much real estate training you’ve received, there’s still a lot of learning that takes place when you get into your real estate career and start your first job! It’s an exciting time to dive in to becoming a top agent, and that means focusing on certain skills and areas of your role that will really make you shine. Here’s some insight on where to focus your efforts to get the best results, from Australia’s leading provider of online real estate courses.

#1 Boost Those Soft Skills

In many real estate training courses, hard skills are the primary focus. These are the technical skills you’ll need in your role – your understanding of contracts, your administrative skills, your ability to accurately value a property, etc. Soft skills are your people skills – your ability to listen to clients, convince them to have confidence in you and manage these sometimes-challenging client relationships successfully. Honing these skills is what sets a fantastic real estate agent apart from one who is just competent.

#2 Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor and shadowing them gives you invaluable insight into how to put the new skills you’ve learned studying for your real estate course into practice. An experienced and successful mentor can show you what the process is really like, how to manage your time, when to push and when to back off, how to negotiate more successfully and how to manage conflict and concerns. That way, you don’t bumble through your first client interactions – you hit the ground running from the start.

#3 Get Familiar with Contracts

Rental and purchasing contracts are complex and brimming with jargon, it does take a while before these terms and phrases become second nature to you. Clients often feel overwhelmed by the language in contracts and will have plenty of questions about what phrases mean that you need to be ready and confident enough to answer. Spend time not just learning what these phrases mean, but learning how to break them down into concepts that are easily understood by laymen.

#4 Explore Your Niche

Everyone – and every real estate agent – has their own strengths, interests and weaknesses. While you’ll learn about being a real estate agent in your real estate training program, it’s up to you to explore and discover where your own strengths lie, and formulate a strategy to build this into your career. Do you prefer residential sales or commercial real estate? Do you like the hands-on nature and competitive pace of the rental market or prefer the world of open houses and sales? Do you want to work exclusively with developers or homeowners? There’s a lot of variety in this job, and it’s important to find a space to make your own.

#5 Weed Out Time Wasters

When you first start as a real estate agent, you’re ready to pounce on every lead and treat it like a sale is around the corner – but you can end up wasting your time. Learning to differentiate between people who are simply curious about their neighbours or an area and real potential buyers who are prepared and committed to buying a home is an essential skill to develop. Experienced real estate agents use a few different techniques to see if a query is a good lead or not, from interviewing the person about exactly what they are looking for, to sending prospects on virtual tours before suggesting in-person viewings, and even asking questions based on prequalifying the prospect to get a good feel for what they can afford and their financial position. It’s all about ensuring the best use of your time and theirs.

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