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Top Tips for Showing Rental Properties

agent showing rental properties to prospective tenant

The latest housing occupancy figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that renters now make up 32% of Australian households. With COVID-19 shockingly changing the market by reducing demand for rental properties at the same time as the increasing supply; the Reserve Bank Of Australia (RBA) noted that rental prices have also adjusted,…

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Understanding Real Estate Commissions

Real estate agent showing documents to young couple

Your expertise and ability to get the best outcome for your clients is a valuable skill. And, in most cases, it is a skill that your client pays for through a commission structure. As a real estate agent, in addition to your salary, your earning potential is scalable depending on your commission and this can…

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Five tips to excel as a Property Manager

Property manager showing documents to a young couple.

A Property Manager is responsible for maintaining a profitable rental roll. While that may sound relatively simple on paper, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to match tenants with the right home. From showing open houses and managing rental applications to maintenance requests, lease renewals and routine inspections, no two days…

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How to unlock your next real estate career move

Three people standing in the doorway of a house

When the new year rolls around, you can’t help but reassess your goals. Even if you’re not one for new years resolutions, the new year signals a clean slate, a fresh chapter. And when you add two years into a global pandemic, skyrocketing property prices and economic uncertainty into the mix, your real estate career…

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