How to Close More Sales, More Often

Developing your closing techniques is key to building a successful real estate career. Here are some tips to help close more deals more regularly, from expert real estate sales training specialists.

Realise That it’s Not Just About the Sale

The most important thing to remember is that successfully closing is not simply making the sale itself, but every step before that when you work a potential buyer from lead to prospect to client through the entire sales process. It’s all about moving that prospect forward in the direction you want them to go, whether it’s booking an appointment to evaluate their property, getting your client to support your marketing and sales plan, managing an open house or accepting an offer.

Show Your Confidence

Your client is allowed to be unsure, express doubt or feel intimidated by the process – you are not. No matter how good you are at the job, you need your confidence to back up your skills and show clients that they have the right person in their corner. While there’s no need to be arrogant or steamroll a client, you should present yourself in a way that is self-assured and positive – that shows you have what it takes to negotiate on their behalf. They want to have confidence in you so that they know they are making the right decisions, so you need to have it in yourself first.

Listen Actively

Every client and every sale is different, but one thing they all have in common is that the client wants to feel in control, heard and respected – and that takes listening skills. Forging ahead without really listening to your client’s motivations, priorities and feelings is a recipe for disaster even if you have the utmost confidence in your own plans. You need to win them over.

Real estate sales are a tricky thing where simply waking in the front door of a home can give a client the 5 seconds they need to decide if it’s a yes or a no – regardless of if it ticks the boxes or not. Don’t show clients homes they aren’t interested in or don’t suit their lifestyle. Don’t keep pushing a deal when your client is uncertain and backing out. Learn to deliver what they want, rather than what you think they should have.

Reassure, Don’t Bully

Many real estate agents confuse force with support, pushing clients to buy and sell through creating fear, not presenting them with all their options, and holding them up against a wall (metaphorically-speaking, of course). This is not an ethical or helpful way to build your career, and it certainly won’t bring return clients or word-of-mouth recommendations.

Instead, your role is to reassure and support your clients, listening to their fears or concerns and talking them through it in an unbiased, honest and open way. Remember, it’s a normal reaction to parting with a large sum of money or making a decades-long commitment. Listen to what they are saying, help them express what is really concerning them, and offer ways to solve their problems.

This can include reminding them about what they love about the property, why they wanted to sell in the first place, or even getting in quotes so they can cost out the changes they’d need to implement to create their dream property. Going the extra mile is what wins your client over, shows them that you have their interests at heart, and empowers them with the information they need to make this significant decision.

Add in a Little Something Extra

If a client is wavering on accepting an offer or putting one in, a little sugar to sweeten the deal never hurts. It can be the cherry on top that convinces your client to go for it and make their final decision.

Sometimes, this means compromise. This may include putting a time-limit on the offer, eliminating a small cost, throwing in a few extras (shorter or longer settlement, etc.) – anything that can gently push a decision while benefitting both sides of the negotiation table.

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