Real Estate Tips – How to Spot a Serious Buyer

How to Spot a Serious Buyer

One of the most useful skills agents develop during their real estate careers is the ability to assess potential buyers for their commitment to the process of buying property. Here are some tips and insights from real estate training specialists who focus on real estate sales training.

They’ve Spent Some Time House Hunting

People who have only just started searching for a property are more likely to be looking at their options, discovering what’s available and finding out if they are ready to make a commitment. On average, it takes about 3 months of viewings, searches and appointments before a buyer is seriously thinking of committing. See where your clients are in this process, what they have looked at and if they’ve made offers on property before.

They Have Financing in Place

Serious buyers tend to have home loan pre-approval in place, have put their current house on the market, or have some kind of solid plan in place to pay for a property. Real estate specialists know that pre-approval is a great first step towards getting a good offer for your client, as it shows that the lenders have decided the buyer is qualified for homes within a certain price bracket.

They’re Asking the Right Questions

Committed buyers ask questions about maintenance issues, property planning and town planning or zoning information, the cost of utilities, and other important issues. They tend to think of the home as if it was their future property and plan where they would place furniture, what they would upgrade and how they would use the space.

They Make a Reasonable Offer

In real estate sales training, you’ll learn how to deal with the different types of offers commonly encountered during a real estate career, so you know what a good offer is, what a lowball offer is, how to keep the door open for future negotiations, and what the best case offers look like for the market. Real estate training specialists know that committed buyers make their best offer first and can add in extras to sweeten the deal – a bigger deposit, contingencies that make it easier on the seller, a copy of their pre-approval for financing, and so forth. Learning from a specialist is a great way to gain the skills and knowledge required to spot a genuine buyer.

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